FILOZOFSKI FAKULTET RIJEKA ~ 17. RUJNA 2016 ~ Bilingvalna matematika

FILOZOFSKI FAKULTET RIJEKA ~ 17. RUJNA 2016 ~ Bilingvalna matematika

U subotu 17. rujna Anja&Sanja održale su predavanje o Bilingvalnoj matematici na sastanku HUPE-a na Filozofskom fakultetu u Rijeci. Hvala predsjednici podružnice Davorki Nekić na pozivu kao i svim prisutnim članovima koji su doprinijeli atmosferi i podržali naš projekt Bilingvalne matematike. Inspire be inspired!

HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting

The first HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting was held on 17 September 2016 at Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities in Rijeka.

The Rijeka members got a chance to hear about two great projects carried out in our city. The first project was done in one of Rijeka’s private kindergartens and it showed us how children see famous artworks. Since children of that age can express themselves best through drawings and paintings, their ‘teachers’ introduced them artists such as Dali, Picasso, Kahlo and many more. They even created their own book of art containing their own artworks based on famous paintings. And I have to say those children are true artists on which I envy them. Sandra Repeša and Gabrijela Tomašević put a lot of effort into the project which paid off seen what they have achieved and how their ‘pupils’ reacted to it.

After Dali, Picasso, Kahlo and other artists, it was time for some Maths! Don’t worry – it wasn’t scary…although it was Maths. Sanja Jelenić – Soldatić and Anja Rumac made a great step into bringing Maths closer to children from age 5 (even 4-year olds can do it!) to 10. If a 5–year-old can understand the coordinate system, you know they are doing a great job! So great that even I started considering enrolling my 4-year-old daughter…and I’m not a Maths fan. They use as many resources as they can find. Some of the things they use in their classes they make by themselves. But the point is children love it! They love coming to ‘Matematički svijet’ and they really enjoy learning Maths and English at the same time. That’s why it’s called Bilingual Maths. They even do experiments! This summer they held a science camp in Klana where children learnt Maths and English but in the most creative way; so they made their own solar cooker and they fried eggs. They wrote their own anthem which I hope Anja and Sanja will teach us some other time.

Still under the impression of today’s branch meeting which was also the last one in my presidential term and sort of my ‘Goodbye’, I want to thank all the Rijeka members for coming to our branch meetings and accepting my way of governing the branch which basically meant a lot of meetings, many interesting presentations and workshops and meeting many great people. It was my privilege to be the branch president and to help our branch grow. I hope that whoever comes after me will carry out the same way making our branch the one we can all be proud of!

Till we meet again…and I hope that’s going to be soon…Dream big! Work hard! Stay strong! And ‘may the Force be with you!’ ☺

Davorka Nekić, prof.
HUPE Rijeka Branch President